I’m already election-weary

I am already exhausted about the upcoming election. And no I am not referring to the mid-terms. I’m talking about the next presidential election.

It’s no longer about what is best for the country.

It’s a game. It’s entertainment.

It’s a way for Fox and MSNBC to get more advertising dollars.

Wake me up when it’s over.

What happened to Obama?

Where is the president we elected?

Not the one we elected in 2012. The one from 2008.

What happened to that guy??

Yes, I know he’s been stonewalled by the pathetic republican base who have made it their mission to make him look bad.

But cmon now Mr. President. You’ve got two years left.

Show me something.

John McCain’s Legacy

It doesn’t matter that he was a gritty soldier.

It doesn’t matter that he was a tough as nails prisoner of war.

It doesn’t matter that he was at one point an honest politician who reached across the aisle.

Nothing that happened in this man’s career matters anymore.

All that matters is that he unleashed Sarah Palin on us.

That one decision will be his legacy.

And an ugly legacy it is.


Farewell Huffington Post

What’s the best thing about Huffington Post?

The articles, you say?

Well…it used to be, but ever since they sold out to AOL, there are so many link bait articles that you can tell ALL they care about is clicks.

So the best thing now is…the comments. Open, sometimes brutally so, but almost always entertaining and at times educational.

But no more.

Now all comments have to come thru a person’s Facebook page.

The backlash has been swift and the backlash has been angry.

Once you sell out, you lose your soul…the reason you started a project in the first place.

Farewell HP…it’s been nice.

Take Money Out of Politics Fixes Everything

Imagine a world where politicians were forbidden to take donations.

Where lobbyists would not exist.

Where every vote counted the same.

Where the political office could not be purchased.

Where someone ran because of what they stood for, not who they stood for.

Where our congress actually functioned.

Imagine it…not let it go.

Cause it will never happen.

An Unorthodox Way of Doing Things

I had the privilege of attending a friend’s son’s bar-mitzvah this past weekend.

It was at an Orthodox temple.

I was astounded.

The women could not sit with the men.

There were no women allowed on the bema. Men only.

When they called all of the young man’s friends up to join him, only the boys were allowed.

No girls.

It was disgusting.

It was backwards.

It was degrading for the women.

Yet they were all so happy.

Somebody please explain.

Dr. Oz Sells Fear

Doctor Oz. makes millions of dollars selling one product.

That product is fear.

He’ll spread fear one week about a certain topic.

And the following week will spread more fear, but saying the exact opposite.

And yet for some reason, people still listen to him.

Strange world.

Brett Bern

Let Brett Bern Know When the Olympics Start

What’s that?

They ended last night?

What did I miss?

How many sob stories did NBC cover?

Were there as many commercials as there were events?

Was anything shown live and was in shown on delay but pretending to be live?

Did anything come across as real or was it all packaged for delivery?

Yes…I’ve been jaded.

I used to love the Olympics.


Glad the NHL is coming back.

Justin Bieber…Who Gives a Sh*t?

I was 19 once.

I had issues.

I wasn’t perfect.

I had no self-esteem.

Again…I was 19. Who didn’t at that age?

But I wasn’t a punk.

I wasn’t a jackass.

I didn’t dress like an idiot.

I didn’t wear pants that show half my ass.

I was respectful.

And I was raised by respectful parent.

Can’t say the same for JB.

But really…who gives a sh*t.

The sooner his 15 minutes are up…

Duck Dynasty and Our Idiotic Media

Our media is so unbelievably stupid.

An ignorant reality star spews ignorant comments and our media eats it right up.

Keeps him in the headlines for weeks. Yes…weeks.

And why? For clicks. For $$$.

Poverty, corruption, racism…we have it all.

And all the media can talk about is a reality TV person.

What would Walter Cronkite think?

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