Brett Bern has had it

brett-bern-angryWho the f–k ever said it was going to be this hard?

All I do is work and at the end of the month pay my bills and either break even or lose money.

We don’t live extravagantly.

We don’t take vacations.

We rarely eat out.

I make decent money.

But the middle class is stuck in a financial rut…and that’s exactly where I am.

But by all means, let’s lower the taxes of the wealthiest, because you know that money trickles down.

What a bunch of idiots.

– Brett Bern

The working girl

innocenceThe age of innocence is officially over for my daughter. She got herself a job.

It’s a wonderful thing.

It gives her independence.

It gives her confidence.

It gives her money so she can stop asking me for it.

But a part of me is sad. Not sad in a sense that I feel bad for her. But sad in that she will most likely now be working some job for the rest of her life.

The days of total freedom are over.

And like me, I’m sure she did not appreciate it.

I couldn’t be more proud.

Brett Alan Bern

Brett Bern has got to let go

brett bern lets goMy oldest daughter is 16 (going on 24).

She is old enough to get her permit.

She is old enough to drive.

She is begging for driving lessons.

And yet…I’m hesitant.

The rational part of me says that for generations, people her age have been driving. It’s a rite of passage and she’ll be fine. She needs the independence. The feeling of taking that next step into adulthood.

But the irrational part of me wants to hold on to her. Forever. Not let her go. Keep her safe. Like she was my toddler still.

It’s a civil war going on in my brain that I know will come out with the rational side winning…as it should.

But dang…it’s hard.

Brett Bern

Brett Bern may not be the perfect Dad, but at least he’s not a “Dance Mom”

brett bern momLook at that picture to the right. Ready? She’s 10 years old!

This is the latest episode of the absolutely disgusting TV show called “Dance Moms”. It is the worst of the worst of reality TV shows. It is white-trash moms pimping their young daughters so they can get their 15 minutes of fame.

In this episode, the kids were dressed in outfits that were supposed to make them look and feel nude and were then told to dance like “a man couldn’t afford them'”. “It’s crotch and boobs.”

Did I mention they were 10 years old?

What the fuck is going on here? What has happened to our society where this not only exists, but is entertainment?

And here’s the problem. My daughter loves the show.

Brett Bern

Saying no sometimes just to say no

noMy daughter does not like to hear the word “no”.

Never has. Not as a baby. Not as a toddler. Not as a tween. And especially not as a full-fledged teenager.

It usually goes like this. She asks for something. We say no. And then we spend the next 5 hours arguing, getting text messages, getting our ass kissed, etc. It’s a fun cycle.

And sometimes we cave.

But yesterday, we stuck to our guns. Held firm.

And you know what. Her life didn’t crumble. She actually had a remarkable day. Cleaned her room and everything.

Sometimes no is all she needs to hear.

– Brett Bern

Am I a workaholic?

brett-bern-workerI never thought I was. Until this past weekend, when two separate people called me a workaholic.

So it made me think. Am I?

Let’s see…my alarm goes off at 4:30 in the morning so I can begin working by 5.

I work all the way thru the day, usually up til bedtime.

I work seven days a week.

I work most holidays.

Crap. Maybe I am.

But the thing is…I don’t wanna be one. To me, a workaholic is somebody who loves work. Who needs work to feel fulfilled.

That’s not me. Work is a means to an end. Yes I work for personal fulfillment. But my main focus is making money to support my family.

I don’t enjoy working as much as I do.

Time for a change…before it’s too late.

Brett Bern wonders: How did it go so fast?

brett bern babyIt seems like yesterday we brought our first child home from the hospital and we entered this new, unfamiliar world. But what a wonderful world it was.

And time seemed to stop for a bit.

I couldn’t even imagine her sitting up. Then one day, she’s sitting.

Then it seemed to take a long time until she stood. Then one morning, we go into her room, and she’s standing with a huge smile on her face.

Will she ever walk?? Then one afternoon, at 18 months old, she finally lets go of our hand and just takes off down the street.

And here we are, 16 years later, and my little Brett Bern is all grown up.

Oh…I know she has a long way to go. But she is indeed on her way.

And Brett Bern wonders, how did we get here so quickly??

Parenting can be quite the challenge

brett bern parentingI love my kids. Honestly I do. But what a pain in the ass parenting can be at times.

Same gene pool…two polar opposite personalities. Both incredible. But both can be incredibly challenging. As any kid can be…especially a teenager.

Friendship problems.

Skin problems.

School problems.

Bullying problems.

Job problems.

Brett Bern needs a break.

The insanity of homework

brett bern homeworkI think I hate homework more than I did when I was in school!

Most of it is just so ridiculous. It’s the kind of “let’s just give the kids busy work” kind of homework that drives me crazy.

Last night, my daughter’s social studies teacher had her doing some kind of art project. And the directions were impossible to follow through on. Almost like the teacher didn’t even read the directions first. My daughter was so stressed because the project could not be done as instructed she was afraid she was going to fail.

So we did the best we could and if teacher gives her a bad grade, so be it.

Now look…I know there are a lot of good teachers out there who really care about what they are doing. But each year, I see more and more just going thru the motions.

Yes, by all means, let’s learn the state capitals again…for the fourth straight year. Because that’s so important to know as a grown up.

God I hate school.

Brett Bern does not play favorites

brett bern favoritesOne of my aunt’s raised eleven children. I have two. You’d think raising two kids would be easier. And I’m sure it is in most instances.

But here is what happens with only two kids.

One of them always feels the other gets more attention. Or that we like her better. Or that she gets preferential treatment.

I had one of those days yesterday. My oldest got it into her head that we liked the younger one better. Why? Because we didn’t let her stay home from school when she said she was “sick”. And the previous week, we let the younger one stay home. And boy did she use that against us.

“You like her better.” That’s what I heard all morning.

But you know what, she wasn’t sick. She just didn’t feel like going to school. End of story.

And Brett Bern does not play favorites.

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