Brett Bern gets his grades

brett bern gradesSo one of my daughters is an average student. That’s ok with me. She’s had a pretty tough ride with other issues up to this point, and as a high-schooler, she’s hanging in there.

But it still doesn’t mean I won’t ride her during the marking period. And when I see online that she is getting a C and a D and it’s almost the end of the marking period, I come down pretty hard on her. Not because I demand perfection, but mostly because I don’t want her settling. I want her to give it her all. And not just in grades, but in everything she does.

But she tells me that the grades online aren’t accurate and that the teachers are wrong and that she swears she’s doing better than that. I’m not convinced. I don’t see her studying very hard and I have no idea is she slacks during school hours. So I push and I push.

Grade came out today. All A’s and B’s.

My grade also came out. And for this marking period Brett Bern gets an F in parenting.

The struggle to find balance

brett bern balanceWay to much time spent working.

Way too little time spent with my family.

How do you find the balance?

I’m in my mid-40’s and the need for money seems to overtake all other things in my life these days. Not the need to be rich mind you. Just the need to make enough to enjoy life, send my kids to college and have a nice pot left over at retirement, whenever that might be.

But if Brett Bern were to die tomorrow, what would’ve been the point?

What’s that saying? Learn as if you were going to live forever. Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

If I were on my death bed, would I be happy with the way I’ve lived. Not sure.

Proud? Yes. Happy? To be determined.

The life of a teenager

brett-bern-teenage-angstYou couldn’t pay me to be a teenager again. There is no amount of money in the world that would make me relive that time period. (Though opening bids are starting at $1,000,000.)

Was it so bad for me? Not really. Well, I don’t think so.

But I see what my high-schooler goes through and the memories come flooding back to me.

The insecurities, the bullshit, the homework, the cliques, the angst.

And most of, the pressure.

The pressure to be popular. The pressure to be perfect. The pressure to get good grades.

As an adult now, those pressures seem so, I don’t know, unimportant.

But I watch my child deal with these pressures on a daily basis and I wish I could get her to see how trivial these things really are.

But the fact is, they’re not.

Not to her.

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